Adelaide Community Bike Workshop

Helping Adelaide’s cyclists keep riding.


Note – from July  2020, we regrettably have closed the workshop to the general public.

In March the landlord cancelled our lease,  required us  to vacate the site where we had been for 5 years,  and move to another part of their premises (accompanied by a 28% rent increase). We were given no choice in these matters, and they caused considerable disruption and additional work for our volunteers, at a time we were already busy with comitments to welfare organisations, and with fund raising. The new site was not immediately able to be used, and still 5 months later requires work.    At the same time the workshop was repeatedly targeted by criminals, likely taking advantage of the disruption. In addition we had a drop in volunteer numbers – our volunteers include several older individuals, retired or close to retirement, and due to age at higher risk of harm from COVID. Understandably,  they preferred to stay home and stay safe.

Our continuing volunteers  kept the service running  for several months, and we were able to honour comitments to welfare organisations (free bikes for clients in need). However the additional work load, forced re location,  and crime, have had a major impact on our  well being, and  morale. We had hoped to re open earlier this month, but quickly realised, that it just wasn’t going  to be possible.

Thus for the time being, the workshop is closed to the general public. Its services are suspended. This includes visits, bike sales, parts sales, repairs, information, tool loan, etc.

Though the gates are closed, we will continue to operate, to honour  commitments to welfare organisations and individuals, and to work towards re opening later this year.

For up dated information – see our Facebook page.

Inquiries /  more information — or SMS us on  0435 02 16 81

In the meantime, Thank you for your support of  Adelaide Community Bicycle Workshop.

Secondhand bike sales, parts sales,  and repairs: BikeKitchen, in Gibson Street Bowden, 3 km N of here, is another community organisation / not for profit, offering bike repairs, servicing, information, and bike sales. See their website for details.


[NB – information that follows pertains to our former site which we no longer occupy – current site is at a different part of the premises, and we will up date when this re opens later in 2020]

We are a not for profit, community organization,  run by volunteers.

We are a charity – registered with the Australian Charities and Not for profits Commission

Our volunteers recycle donated bikes, to assist people in need

To fund this, we sell secondhand bikes, parts, and we do repairs and servicing

Open to the public, everyone welcome.

  • Recycling donated bikes, for people in need
  • Second hand bikes for sale – (Saturdays only)
  • Second hand parts – wheels, saddles, seatposts, pedals etc.
  • Repairs and servicing
  • Information and/or help to fix your own bicycle
  • Tool loan (Cost = parts +  donation to workshop funds)
  • Volunteers welcome.
  • We accept donations of  bikes & parts
Donald and Dale on day of The Joinery Launch

Don & Dale, day of The Joinery Launch

Address – The Joinery, 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide SA
(The Old Bus Station)
We’re in the community garden,  west side of the Old Bus Station – look for the  garden entrance gate. The street address is No 113 – just past No 111.



Entry off Franklin Street


If I donate a bike to the workshop … what happens to the bike?

  • The workshop is run by a charity (Bikes for Refugees SA Inc). Welfare agencies refer clients  to us, and we give a free bike to use for transport or recreation.
  • We help refugee families re-settling in Adelaide, and also other people in hardship .
  • Surplus bikes are sold to raise money.


  • About half  funds raised, are used  to run the workshop and buy bike parts and bike tools.
  • What’s surplus, we give to charities that help refugees e.g Red Cross, UNHCR, Australian Refugee Association.

In 2018-9, we  received 1400 donated bikes.


Current Opening hours

  • Saturday 9 am to 3 pm (including Long Weekends)
  • Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm (except Public Holidays)
  • Sunday, Monday closed
  • Public holidays closed



Tim working on a frame

Bruce, Don and the tandem

Bruce, Don and the tandem

Our undercover work area

Our undercover work area

More information

  • Check our Facebook page
  • sms Mike Brisco 0435 02 16 81.
  • email or


  • Bikes for Refugees information & forms; technical information. – here

The workshop is operated by Bikes for Refugees SA Inc, a  charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission.   ABN 20 663 461 735, Fund-raising licence CCP2132.

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