B4R – Membership

Become a member of Bikes for Refugees

Bikes for Refugees is a community organisation, of people interested in furthering  our aims  and objectives.

  • help address need arising from poverty and unemployment amongst refugees, asylum seekers, and others
  • help address need people may have as a result of living with physical or mental disability
  • advance education and research on use of bicycles
  • protect and preserve the environment
  • promote reconciliation, mutual respect, and tolerance; protect human rights.

These aims and objectives are set out in  our Constitution

Anyone can apply to  become a member. It is a way of showing that you support our aims, and you help us work towards those aims

Members are kept informed of what Bikes for Refugees is doing; they assist in supporting refugees and asylum seekers in our community;  contribute ideas and suggestions, and have a say in decision making.

They are entitled to a copy of the Annual Report, and can make full use of facilities at Adelaide Community Bicycle Workshop.

Annual membership costs $2, and runs from 1 July-30 June.

Application form available on request, please contact us .