B4R – Who we are & What we do

Bikes for Refugees SA Incorporated (ABN 20 663 461 735) is a volunteer, not for profit, charity bike recycling scheme. It is independent, but works under the aegis of  Bicycle Institute of S Australia (BISA), a cycling advocacy group for people using bikes for recreation and everyday transport. (www.bisa.asn.au). The scheme started in 2002, and  now handles about 1,400 bikes a year.

Biikes for Refugees supply second-hand  bikes free of charge, to people in need.  Our focus is refugees and asylum seekers, but we also help  e.g disability, low income, Aboriginal, homeless etc.

We also sell new helmets, locks and lights, at low cost (eg helmet $8 locks $10)  .

Adelaide Community Bicycle Workshop, on Franklin Street, Adelaide CBD, is our  workshop, where we recycle bikes.  We manage the workshop, staff it, and fund it. As it’s a community bike workshop, we’re also open to the public. Cyclists can borrow tools and stands to service their own bikes,  and get friendly help and information from volunteers. We sell secondhand bikes and parts to fund-raise. The workshop started in 2011 at Plympton and re-located to the CBD early in 2015.

Bikes for Refugees SA Incorporated  is registered as a charity, and obtained a fund raising licence . The scheme is regulated by the Commonwealth  Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission, and at State level, by the SA Office of Consumer and Business Services,  These websites have more information about our organisation, and reports.

Donate a bike  to us

We welcome donations of  good quality bikes, accessories, and parts.

However, many  of todays bikes bikes  are designed to have a limited lifespan. When people start riding, the parts wear out quickly. The bike deteriorates fast, and parts break. Repairing the bike takes a long time, and even the components are not worth salvaging, as often they’re worn.

So  before you bring a bike to us – please contact us, to check we can use it.  If we can’t use the bike, we can give you other options. We don’t want to cause you a wasted journey.

What we usually accept:

  • Just about any Bike  in  good condition, ie just need a quick  check, clean & service, then is ready to hand on.  Mens and womens; adults and children’s;  modern or old. Flat tyres, dust, a small amount of rust, 1-2 minor repairs are OK, if that is all that’s needed.
  • written-off bikes of good quality (e.g crash damage, cracked frames) – we  salvage parts.
  • BMXs and dragsters in any condition (always popular,  collectors/restorers love the  1970s and 80s models).
  • Unusual things like tandems, trikes, unicycles, etc etc.
  • accessories, e.g helmets, locks, lights in good condition.

What we can’t accept:

  • bikes that need a lot of work, to get them ready. Eg If the bike is worn out;  needs major repairs, has a lot of rust, was stored out doors in rain. Rust is  difficult to treat satisfactorily. We can get  rusty bikes going, but as they still look rusty, people dont want to be seen riding them.
  • Kids bikes that are worn out or damaged
  • bikes with lots of parts missing
  • bikes that are unsafe.

Donations can be delivered to the workshop during opening hours.

Transport:  To get any bike into any car – take the bike’s wheels off. You may need to unhook the brakes, or let air out of the tyres first. Don’t worry about re-assembly. We happily accept separated frames and wheels, and we can quickly put the bike back together.


Sale of second-hand bicycles and bike parts to the public

To fund the scheme, we sell surplus   bikes, parts, and accessories to the public.   The bikes have been serviced and checked, and come with  a statutory warranty.  Visit our workshop on Saturdays;  or check Gumtree.

To arrange a bicycle for someone in need

In brief, we need a referral, then make an appointment.

We accept referrals from a wide range of people e.g  welfare organisations, case workers, community groups, teachers, volunteers, counsellors, government agencies, religious institutions.

Referring someone is  easy and informal. Just contact us by phone, email or SMS, and we’ll take it from there. Or see our information sheet  here

Contact & further information

Bikes for Refugees SA Incorporated – ABN 20 663 461 735
Registered charity – fundraising licence CCP2132
Trading as:

  • Adelaide Community Bicycle Workshop
  • Bikes for Refugees.

Address:  c/o The Joinery, 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Co-ordinator – Mike Brisco
0435 02 16 81