B4R – Bikes for people in need

Do you know someone in need or hardship, who would benefit from having a bike, and would find it hard to buy one?

Bikes for Refugees supplies reliable secondhand bikes, free of charge, for eligible people.

Our focus is asylum seekers and refugees. We also help others in need, e.g low income, homeless, Aboriginal, unemployed, mental illness, disabled, other forms of hardship, etc.

We work on a referral system. Someone who knows the persons circumstances & need, should contact us first. We then give an appointment for the client to come to our workshop to choose a bike.

So if you know someone we could help –  please contact us, we can take it from there.

Information sheet.

Further information

Referring someone to us is easy. Just email us, SMS us, or phone us – we’ll take it from there.

For nearly all inquiries received so far – we have been able to help, and have had bikes available.

We accept referrals from a wide range of people -e .g case workers, health care workers,  welfare organisations, community organisations, schools, TAFE, State and local government, teachers, counsellors, carers, volunteers, friends/neighbours, other members of the community.

We have a range of bikes, for all ages. Mens womens boys girls.

We also sell new helmets, lights and locks. (we get few of these donated, so don’t have enough to give out free).

If the bike needs repair work, the person can bring it to our workshop for help.

Bike theft is a major problem in Adelaide. Most people under-estimate the risk. Nearly every cyclist in Adelaide has had a bike stolen at one time or other,  an unpleasant, and costly experience.   The client will need somewhere safe at home to keep the bike under lock and key e.g locked garage or indoors. Away from home, they need to have a good lock, and use it every time.  Bikes often get stolen from places people think are safe, e.g back yards, front verandas, or if left unlocked for just a few minutes while someone is in a shop. Bikes kept in the foyer of houses, or in a shared bike shed, get taken even if locked (cheap cable locks can be cut surprisingly quickly).   If a bike gets stolen, the owner is unlikely to get it back.  SA POLICE have more information on preventing bike theft.

If someone isn’t eligible for a free  bike –  we can  help in other ways, e.g

  • they can buy a secondhand bike from our workshop (prices from $30).
  • If they have a bike but it’s not working –  we can help them get it going.

For further details, see our information sheet.