Bikes 4 Sale, vintage and modern

Secondhand bike sales, for general public: from Nov 2020,

 every Saturday, 10 am to 3 pm. 

113 Franklin Street, Adelaide 5000

Every week, Many bikes to choose from, checked serviced and ready to ride. We get bikes out of storage, and put them on display.  Extra volunteers on hand, to help.

Also bike parts, and accessories, and project bikes

NB – sales, Saturdays only please. No sales to the general public on weekdaysduring weekdays, our volunteers need to concentrate on repair work, to get bikes ready for Saturday, to meet demand.  Bikes ready for sale are packed away in storage, not out on display. Our bike sales attract a lot of interest, but we  do not have enough volunteers, to run sales during the week as well. If you want to buy a bike – please come early on Saturday. 

Drop by or contact us via Facebook.


  • Modern bikes – city bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes*
  • Vintage bikes – steel frame Australian made 1980s;  good for getting around*
  • Ride-Away bikes*
  • high-end modern bikes
  • historic bikes, vintage competition bikes & collectors items (advertised on  Gumtree)
  • Older style Racers,  for converting to custom flat bar or single speed
  • Project bikes (need work)
  • Bikes for use as props in plays or films
  • frames and wheels and handlebars for projects.

* checked & serviced, ready to ride, covered by  a statutory warranty

We also sell secondhand parts, wheels, and frames. General purpose, and high-end


Special interest Bikes, unusual bikes, higher end bikes

e.g  BMX, dragsters, good quality  modern bikes (min price $150), historical and vintage (pre-1980), unusual & distinctive bikes,  1-off custom rebuilds etc.

We advertise on Gumtree.

If you  check Gumtree regularly – you’ll see what we’re selling.

To Find our ads  us on Gumtree, search for our ABN – 20 663 461 735