Our Funding

The workshop receives no government grants or assistance and must funds itself, mainly by asking people who use it, to make a donation.

Adelaide Community Bicycle Workshop operates under BISA, an independent, not for profit community organisation, that advocates for cycling for everyday transport.   The workshop itself is a community service, providing help to everyone, in a friendly way, based on need, and without discrimination.

The workshop relies on visitors’ support to keep going.


To use the workshop facilities and to cover the cost of any lubricants, tools and other expendables, we ask for a donation.

  • There is no fixed scale of fees
  • The amount is up to you.
  • We will accept what you are able to pay.



We offer a range of parts  for sale, to people repairing their bikes at the workshop, and to the general public.

Proceeds from sale of parts, help to keep the workshop running.

We have ‘general purpose’ parts suitable for most repairs; also ‘high end’ parts e.g Campagnolo.

Most parts are secondhand; a few are new.

Please note, parts are personal use only (your bike, your family’s bikes, your friends).  We aim  to help you keep your bike on the road, and enjoy cycling.  Parts are not for resale.

New parts – available only for  people repairing their bikes at the workshop. Prices are  generally 20-30% below retail.

Secondhand parts and ‘new old stock’  –  on sale to the general public and to repairers, at an agreed price –  price guide on display at the workshop.

Our aim in selling parts, is to provide a service to the community, to help individuals keep riding.

Many cyclists enjoy using old or unusual parts, for interests sake.
This is good for us, as it provides a mechanism for helping keep the workshop open.

We’re happy to sell you parts, to use to fix your own bike, your family’s, or a friend’s if you are helping them. This is what a community organisation is about.

People donate bikes and parts to us, understanding this is what we are about. Please respect this.

The reason why we’re friendly and parts prices are low, is we want to help individuals keep their bikes on the road. Please respect this.



The workshop is currently operated by “Bikes for Refugees SA Incorporated”, a registered charity ABN 20 663 461 735. The charity is  overseen by BISA, but it is a separate entity, with strictly charitable aims, and separate finances.  Funds raised above are used by Bikes for Refugees for up keep of the workshop –  for public use, and for  recycling/repair of donated bikes to go free to people in need.

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