Our Services

We help Adelaide’s cyclists keep cycling.

The workshop is open to the public and everyone is welcome.

The workshop is run by volunteers, who give their time free of charge, to open the workshop, and to help people with repairs.

We are not formally trained bicycle mechanics, but have a lot of experience, from cycling, and from repairing/maintaining our own bikes and are happy to share what we know with others.

Our philosophy is not to service the bike for you – instead we enable/support you, to service your bike, yourself, maybe this time, maybe next time.

No experience of bike mechanics is needed.
Just bring your bike, wear old clothes (bikes are oily/greasy) and closed-toed shoes, and be willing to have a go. Most bike repairs are not difficult, provided you have the tools, and you understand what to do.

The volunteers work closely with people, to provide as much or as little help as required.

  • The workshop has stands, plus a full range of specialist bicycle tools, for visitors to use.
  • Its volunteers are experienced mechanics.
  • We can assess your bike and discuss what needs to be done, what tools to use, how to assess the bike.
  • We make it easy for you to learn about bike repair. You can;
    • ask questions
    • watch us
    • have a go yourself under supervision
    • use our tools and stands and have a go
    • get parts (new & pre-loved)

You can have a go at the repair yourself (a good way to learn). If things don’t go according to plan, our volunteers can help. Usually your bike will be fixed the same day.

Why not come and learn how to:

  • repair a puncture
  • do a basic safety check of your bike
  • do basic servicing and small adjustments
  • get your old bike back into service
  • start on that bike restoration / renovation

The workshop receives no government grants or assistance and must funds itself, mainly by asking people who use it, to make a donation.

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